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I am a trained secondary art teacher with a great deal of experience planning and delivering different art based projects. I spent 6 years teaching art to Years 7-13 in a Cheshire school before becoming a Freelance Artist/ Teacher. I have spent 2 years in this role, providing art workshops to a variety of groups including primary, secondary and special schools as well as developing my own art practice. I have experience of working with pupils from Reception to Year 13, creating a wide range of outcomes. I am a mixed media artist so have skills in a variety of materials and processes and am able to deliver workshops with both two and three dimensional outcomes.

I am DBS (CRB) checked.



There are several options for the workshops that I deliver. These include:

Set workshops for 1, 2 or 3 days

Tailored workshops to a specified school theme or scheme of work. (1, 2 or 3 days)

 If the constraints of the timetable mean that you would find it difficult to facilitate a full day’s workshop then I am happy to discuss alternatives such as after school and hourly workshops or sessions during residential trips. I am able to source materials for the workshop or they can be ordered by the school. Travel and material costs are not included in the workshop price.





Set workshop: 1 day £275 / 2 days £500

Tailored workshop: 1 day £350 / 2 days £600


 "An excellent day all round, for both the children and the teachers. We all developed new skills and techniques that we could use again. The children really enjoyed themselves and I was blown away by the standard of artwork they produced. I'm sure both the children and teachers would love to have another workshop in the future." Year 6 teacher, Runcorn

"Thanks again for all your hard work. The children's work looks amazing and I can't wait to display it in school. We must have stood there for about an hour after you had left just looking at the pieces and chatting about them!" Year 5 teacher, Cheshire

The 1 or 2 day workshop is a great way for pupils to immerse themselves in a project and to produce high quality art work. They will learn new techniques and will use a range of materials to produce a finished outcome either individually or in groups.

The 1 or 2 day workshop can work in a number of ways:

1 or 2 day workshop for one class only - Years 3-6

Allows a group to immerse themselves in an art task for 1 or 2 full days and to produce a high quality outcome either individually or as a group. This also works well for a G&T group.

1 day split into 2 half days – Years 3-6

Shorter sessions allow more classes to be involved and works especially well for Years 3 and 4 who sometimes struggle with a full day. Also works well if there are two classes in a year group, or two year groups that you want to be involved.

1 day split into several sessions - Reception – Year 6

This works particularly well for the younger classes – giving several classes the opportunity to produce a piece of artwork in shorter sessions.


Set 1 and 2 day workshop options:

Reception/ Year 1/ Year 2

Please see shorter session options in whole school workshop section.

Years 3 and 4

Jungle scenes (½ or 1 day workshop – Group work)

Wacky hats (1 or 2 day workshop – Individual outcome)

Alien sculptures (2 day workshop – Working in pairs)

Mixed media cityscape/ dreams and aspirations (2 days – Group work)

Years 5 and 6

Printed and painted landscapes (Individual outcome)

Mixed media plant and pattern paintings (1 day – individual outcome or 2 day – large scale group work)

Large scale animal/ dinosaur sculptures (1 day – group work)

Mixed media cityscape/ dreams and aspirations (2 days – group work)




Set workshop: 2 days £500 / 3 days £750

Tailored workshop: 2 days £600 / 3 days £900


"Thank you so much for the work you have done with all the children and staff. It looks fantastic! The children were buzzing and we have learnt so many more techniques. A total success!" Headteacher, Cheshire Primary School.

 "Thank you so much for coming in and spending your time helping us and teaching us how to make sculptures. When we started making them it felt like I was a real artist and it was so inspiring and I really want to do it again!"  Year 4 pupil, Cheshire


           T The 2-3 day whole school workshop is a fantastic opportunity for each year group to get involved with being creative. The 2 day workshop would suit a school with only one class in each year group or for schools that wish to select certain year groups to participate in the sessions. The 3 day workshop would be better suited to a larger school with 2 classes in some or all year groups.

Shorter workshops with each year group allow for new materials and processes to be introduced to both pupils and teachers. This is a great opportunity for INSET school wide. Often staff can use the skills learnt during the workshop to provide training to colleagues at a later date. Information on materials and processes used as well as on how to extend the project for further art lessons will be provided to class teachers at the end of each session.

Each pupil/ group will have a completed art piece at the end of their session, ready to be displayed in the classroom or around the school.

Suggested session times for each year group:

1hr – Reception /Year 1 / Year 2

2hrs – Year 3 / Year 4

2-2 ½ hours – Year 5 / Year 6


Set whole school workshops options: (choose 1 workshop for each year group)

Reception/ Year 1/ Year 2

Abstract shapes in collage and paint

Colourful fish

Landscapes incorporating text (Year 1 only)

Leaves in collage (Year 2 only)

Year 3/ Year 4

Paper hats (individual outcome)

Abstract stencilled paintings (individual outcome)

Gum-tape abstract sculptures (individual outcome)

Jungle scene (group work)

Year 5/ Year 6

Printed insects (individual outcome)

Musical instrument relief panel (individual/ group work)

Dinosaur fossil panel (group work)

Animal sculptures (group work)


 Please e-mail me for further information on these workshops: