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I studied Fine Art at the University of Central Lancashire, specialising in Painting. After completing my degree I spent 5 years developing my own practice before completing a PGCE in secondary Art. I taught art to Years 7-13 for 6 years before becoming a Freelance Artist/ Teacher. I have spent 2 years in this role, providing art workshops to a variety of groups including primary, secondary and special schools as well as continuing to develop my own art practice. Alongside this, I have completed a Masters in Creativity and the Professions, deepening my understanding of the importance of creativity, especially in young people.

Much of my work is based on the landscape and elements of nature. The subject matter is easily interpreted by children of all ages and can be a great starting point for pupils’ work, can fit into a theme or project or can just be used as a one off mini project. My work is predominantly mixed media and I believe that the materials and techniques that I use within my workshops give all pupils the opportunity to achieve.

I have a great deal of experience of working with pupils from Reception to Year 13, creating a wide range of outcomes. I know how difficult it is to get out to galleries and experience contemporary art practice so I am hoping to offer you an alternative option - a local artist who can show and talk about their work within the school setting, developing a mini project with the pupils.



There are several options for the workshops that I deliver. These include:

·         Set workshops (1 or 2 days)

·         Tailored workshops to fit in with a project or teach specific skills (1 or 2 days)

If the constraints of the timetable mean that you would find it difficult to facilitate a full day’s workshop then I am happy to discuss alternatives such as after school and hourly workshops or sessions during residential trips. I am able to source materials for the workshop or they can be ordered by the school. Travel and material costs are not included in the workshop price.


"It was a great experience to work with an artist who is good at teaching skills. I have learnt a lot and had a good day." Year 8 pupil, Cheshire



Set 1 and 2 day workshops:

Cost: 1 day £275 / 2 days £500

These are workshops that I have developed specifically for secondary school students. They are based on my own work and are aimed at extending and developing students’ skills in a variety of media and techniques. Each workshop is suitable for Years 7-13 and will be adapted depending on the year group in terms of the scale of the work and the variety of techniques taught. GCSE and A’ level students often use these workshops as a starting point and go on to develop a more in depth project. As part of these workshops I deliver a short presentation on my own work, exploring both sketchbooks and more finished pieces. Each workshop is based around a theme prominent in my own work and explores a variety of mixed media.

Landscape and text

Pupils will work to complete a mixed media landscape using a wide variety of skills and processes. 

They will:

- create prepared papers using paint and ink

- develop painting skills, exploring how to build layers and create different types of marks

- use mask, stencil and collage techniques

- gain knowledge of colour mixing and colour schemes

- explore abstraction within the landscape

- add text if appropriate

Natural forms/ animal prints

Pupils will work to create mixed media work based on natural forms or animal prints.

This workshop can be adapted for textiles students to incorporate the use of material and stitch.

 They will:

- develop knowledge of printing and painting techniques

- explore surface texture

- develop drawing skills

- use mask, stencil and collage techniques

- explore composition

- gain knowledge of colour mixing and colour schemes

- incorporate text if appropriate


Trees (Looking through)

Pupils will produce a mixed media collage using a variety of ready-made and handmade papers.

They will:

- create a variety of surfaces using printing and painting techniques

- look at abstraction in nature

- develop surface texture using different materials

- explore colour and shape

- develop a series of drawings alongside their mixed media outcome


Tailored 1 and 2 day workshops:

Cost: 1 day £350 / 2 days £600

These workshops will be based around a theme or idea provided by the school. They can be delivered over either one or two days dependent upon requirements.

For a new workshop based on school specification, the cost is higher to allow for planning and preparation time. Set workshops can be adapted to involve slightly different subject matter at no extra cost.  

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.