About me                                                                              CV

After completing a Fine Art degree at the University of Central Lancashire in 2002 I established a studio in Chester and became a professional artist.

I qualified as a secondary school teacher in 2007 and spent 5 years teaching Art throughout the 11-18 age range. During this time I also studied part-time towards an MA in Art and Education. 

My work initially focused on surface quality and, influenced by aerial views, was generally abstract. As I continued to explore colour and shape I became increasingly influenced by the landscape, particularly around the coast. My work became more figurative, with colours and marks being painted in a fresh and vibrant style.

Whilst studying for my MA, I began to explore the natural world further and to focus on elements within the landscape, such as flowers, plants, rocks and stones, as well as the landscape itself. I incorporated my love of surface quality and texture with the subject matter. 

I recently spent 3 months abroad, visiting Australia, New Zealand, Bali and Thailand. Inspired by New Zealand in particular, my work continues to develop, influenced by the light, colours and dramatic, ever changing landscapes that I experienced during the trip.